We apply participatory methods, synthesis and strategy, and creative thinking to achieve inspiring outcomes.

As each industry and problem space has unique attributes and needs, our process is tailored to each project while still flowing throughout alignment, envisioning, and generation.
Change/Magic consulting can help you explore the kinds of futures you'd like to create, and develop pathways to get from here to there.
Imagining futures, considering implications, and creating pathways forward.

  • futures & foresight
  • scenario planning
  • visioning
  • theory of change
Understanding the context, challenges, and stakeholders through emergent processes.

  • participatory convenings
  • problem mapping
  • relationship mapping
  • data synthesis
Influencing change through design, storytelling, and facilitating next steps alongside other partners.

  • implementation support
  • visual design & creative direction
  • summary reports
  • presentations
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