Change/Magic offers a variety of participatory formats to help you create strategic change over time, from single sessions to full co-design initiatives.
We help groups arrive at a shared understanding to build the conditions for transition.

Content is dependent on where the participants are starting from and the goals of the workshop, and generally aims to:
  • increase awareness of less-visible stakeholders and influences,
  • increase the sense of hope and agency around potential futures,
  • improve the group's ability to steer towards desired outcomes.
  • several topics or methods
  • multiple sessions
  • 1–2 hours per workshop
  • overarching agenda set in advance
  • optional summary report
Workshop Series
  • single topic or method
  • single session
  • 1–hour to full–day
  • full agenda set in advance
Single Workshop
  • preparatory sessions with client and 6–12 co-design sessions
  • 1–2 hours per session
  • overarching process set, with strategy and session agendas adapting throughout
  • summary report
  • implementation support
Co-Design Convening
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